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            Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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            Add: Jiangxi Fengxin Industrial Park, Fengxin,Jiangxi,P.R.China

            Tel: +86-795-4605771,4605608

            Fax: +86-795-4605772

            E-mail: info@jxsynergy.com

            Post Code: 330700

            Sales Center:

            Room 1901, Tower A, Yuanshen Financial Building, NO. 355 Yuanshen Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai China


            E-mail: sales@jxsynergy.com

            Post Code: 200135


            March 2017: the company stock officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's gem edition.

            September 2015: Company postdoctoral research workstation approved.

            February 2015: the company completed the shareholding system transformation, the enterprise name changed to "Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. "".

            November 2014: the company "Jiangxi special raw material engineering technology research center" was approved.

            November 2012: the company passed the EU-GMP on-site review for the first time.

            November 2011: the new integrated office building is completed and put into use.

            February 2010: the company was first reviewed by the Japanese PMDA-GMP.

            November 2009: the company passed the China SFDA on-site GMP inspection for the first time.

            September 2009: the company for the first time through the U. S. FDA on-site GMP inspection.

            January 2007: the company passed the Korean KFDA on-site GMP inspection for the first time.

            May 2006: obtain drug production license.

            February 2005: laying the foundation stone for construction.

            April 2004: Jiangxi Tonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was formally established.